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Premier Expands to Texas!

06 Jan Premier Expands to Texas!

TexasIcon_lgThe Premier Stem Cell Institute (PSCI), and John Peloza, M.D., one of the earliest pioneers of true minimally-invasive spine surgery, have opened a clinic at 17980 Dallas Parkway in Dallas. Adult stem cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, is part of a growing conservative treatment option for patients wishing to avoid surgical intervention.

PSCI was founded by orthopedic spine surgeon Kenneth Pettine, M.D., an early innovator of stem cell therapy, and the author of the first FDA clinical study addressing the treatment for low back pain. The results from this initial study were so compelling that Dr. Pettine decided that it could aid a variety of patients. PSCI has assembled an organization of highly skilled physicians to perform the therapeutic stem cell treatments and continues to conduct clinical research.

“Our goal is to merge our knowledge from years of scientific research and clinical treatments to offer patients the best options for a successful outcome without surgery,” said Dr. Pettine. “The demand in Texas is great for a high-quality, seasoned surgeon to provide stem cell therapy. Dr. Peloza is unequivocally one of the best in the country, as noted by his peers, and he has already been using stem cell therapy for years to treat patients.”

John Peloza, M.D.

John Peloza, M.D.

Adult stem cell therapy is not brand new, yet it is relatively new in the U.S. The typical patient base is made up of baby boomers, weekend athletes and professional athletes who have developed joint or spine issues either by an injury or the natural aging process. While it is considered a minimally-invasive and conservative treatment option, Dr. Peloza emphasizes it must be done by a trained and skilled surgeon.

“Stem cell therapy is an exciting treatment option for patients because it is utilizing the patient’s own cells to regenerate and heal,” says Dr. Peloza, who is continuously voted a Best Doctor in America, a Texas Super Doctor, and a Best Doctor in Dallas and Collin Counties. “We are seeing a lot of excellent clinical outcomes with it. However, I must stress that the treatment should be done by an experienced orthopedic surgeon with years of training, who knows how to safely navigate the human body.”

A typical adult stem cell treatment involves harvesting bone marrow from the patient’s hip using a small catheter, then placing it in a device that separates the stem cells from the bone marrow. The stem cells are then injected back into the area of damage or injury to begin the natural healing process. The entire process, done under IV sedation, takes less than 45 minutes.

Conducting clinical research since 2008, the Premier Stem Cell Institute is the only medical practice in the country (aside from universities) using bone marrow concentrate stem cells to promote the body’s natural healing. The Institute is a clinical leader in the field of regenerative medicine research and has more experience than any other clinic in the U.S. utilizing biologics for orthopedics and spine.

For more information about the Premier Stem Cell Institute in Colorado or Texas, or to inquire about treatment , please call 866-647-9405 or visit